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1st Annual Piedmont Mandolin Camp – March 7 – 9, 2019

Piedmont Mandolin Camp

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The 1st annual Piedmont Mandolin Camp on March 7 - 9, 2019 will be held at the Holiday Inn Athens Hotel in Athens, Georgia. The instructors are Camp founder Brian Oberlin (teaching swing, folk and classical) and Jordan Ramsey(teaching bluegrass).  During the three days of mandolin immersion, each Camper will experience six workshops from Brian and Jordan, ensemble rehearsals, structured and nonstructured jams and perform in the student and faculty concert. The maximum student capacity is 30, which makes for smaller classes from some of the best mandolin players and teachers in the world. 
The cost is an affordable $300.

Testimonials on Brian Oberlin's Mandolin Camps and teaching styles

Brian met, and vastly exceeded my musical expectations. I really like him, and his casual teaching style that does not single out the confused players, although he teaches to them. Further, he encourages the good players, with ideas for them to arrange and grow musically . . . all the while being a spot-on musician as a role model for us all. I have consumed a lot of classes over the past few years, and there is a lighter attitude in this adult education field, that some really great musicians haven't cultivated yet. They put in their 10,000 hours on that instrument to get on the first rung of the fame ladder, and you should put in that work, too, before they will waste any time with you. A good teacher realizes that you are here because you want more, and haven't gotten there yet . . . maybe need someone to encourage you along a few of those hours, and say what you could do to make it easier, or more fun. Brian Oberlin has both the compassion and expertise to make it work.”
Karen Leis, Anchorage, Alaska
November 2014


Dear Brian,

           Just a quick note to thank you for an amazing ROW (River of the West Mandolin Camp 2018) this year.  I learned so much, but more than that it was a weekend of pure inspiration: from the dedication and selflessness of you and the other teachers; to your organizational savvy; to the camaraderie, sense of welcome, and pervasive respect I felt all around it was an unforgettable experience.  I'll definitely be back, and would like to attend more camps, too!

Thanks again for all your work: I had a fantastic time.  
Andrew Berns, Portland, Oregon
June, 2018