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Brian Oberlin’s Albums and Books

Physical copies of the Books and CDs are available directly from Brian.

Many of the CDs are available on most streaming and digital download platforms.

Brian Oberlin - Solo

Troubador by Brian Oberlin

Capriccio Fantastico by Brian Oberlin

Brian Oberlin Solo Swing

20th Century American swing with mandolin and vocals.  Cut live in studio.

Brian Oberlin, solo

Swinging Christmas music with mandolin and vocals.  Cut live in studio.


The Music of Giuseppi Silvestri

The Music of Giuseppi Silvestri

A collection of 17 Italian Mazurkas, Polkas, Serenades and Waltzes from the early 20th century Italian mandolinist.  The 40 page book includes a CD recording of each tune for $30.   Contact Brian to purchase or for samples.

Capriccio Fantastico

Capriccio Fantastico

This is the companion book to Brian’s 2014 solo album of the same name.  All of the sheet (notation only) music and explanations is contained in this 28 page book for $15.  Contact Brian to purchase or for samples.

collaborative albums

Twin Mandolin Slingers – Brian Oberlin & Evan Marshall

Twin Mandolin Slingers

Magnetic West – Brian Oberlin and Gideon Freudmann

Magnetic West

Oregon Mandolin Orchestra

Learn more at

Oregon Mandolin Orchestra Live

Italian, American, French, and Spanish music by mandolin orchestra.  Live recordings from the 2010 Concert Season.

Ger Mandolin Orchestra

Created by Avner Yonai of California, the Ger Mandolin Orchestra is a memorial project of reviving the Jewish Mandolin Orchestra that was active in Gora Kalwaria, Poland, between 1920 and 1930. Most of its members died in the Holocaust.  Current members of the Ger Mandolin Orchestra are: Mike Marshall, Avi Avital, Radim Zenkl, Brian Oberlin, Tim Connell, Chris Acquavella, Florian Saltzman, Eric Stein, Jeff Warshauer, Dana Rath, and Adam Roszkiewicz.

GER Orchestra

Learn more about the GER Mandolin Orchestra here.

The Journeymen

New album is due in 2017. Learn more at


Ida Viper

Some of these days, Ida Viper

West of Idaho Ida Viper


Oh So Young Grasshoppah

Whoah Mama Grasshoppah

Caravan Gogh

3 Faces of Steve

Caravan Gogh

Brian on mandolin.  Jim D’Ville on ukulele.  Gideon Freudmann on cello.  Calen Uhlig on bass.