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Solo Concert (A Trip Around the Mandolin World)

Saturday, December 8 - 6:00
Elderly Instruments - Lansing, MI (click for tickets)

Brian Oberlin presents: A Trip around the Mandolin World
Elderly Instruments House Concerts
Saturday, December 8 (6:00 – 8:00)
Tickets - $15/each at  

Michigan’s Mandoliner, Brian Oberlin, presents a solo concert and history lesson in one.  Brian will play music written for the mandolin from the 1700s to 2018. He will show the audience specific techniques from Baroque and Romantic Italian mandolin music that are rarely used today in the United States. Next is a visit to Italian “parlor” music and then onto American early swing music and rags for mandolin, bluegrass and jazz.  Brian’s original music will evince how these genres have influenced him throughout his 20+ year career. 

Brian Oberlin is an internationally acclaimed mandolin player and educator. During his decades long professional career, Brian has been playing swing, bluegrass, and Italian classical as a solo mandolinist and vocalist. Brian celebrated the release of his 20th album in May, 2016; Troubadour which features Brian playing solo and singing original music. Along with the myriad of award-winning bands (The Journeymen, Grasshoppah, GER Mandolin Orchestra with Mike Marshall and Twin Mandolin Slingers with Evan J. Marshall) and ensembles he has collaborated with throughout the United States and Europe, Brian is also the founder and director of the River of the West Mandolin Camp, the Great Lakes Mandolin Camp and the Oregon Mandolin Orchestra. Brian was a top ten finalist at the 2013 Telluride Troubadour Contest, an instructor/performer at the 2012, 2013 and 2017 International Mandolin Academy in Italy, a featured soloist at the 2014 & 2018 EuroFest Plucked String Festival in Bruchsal, Germany, and a featured soloist at the 2015 Mandolin Upgrade festival in Berlin, Germany. When he is not performing, Brian teaches music to children and adults at art centers, cultural events, festivals, camps, music schools and academies.  Brian is a native Michigander and lives in Rockford, MI.

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