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Welcome to the official site of Brian Oberlin, your home for all things mandolin!

Created by professional mandolinist Brian Oberlin, this site is a wealth of knowledge
for the beginner to advanced mandolinist.  Be sure to go to the Lesson Hub for free
PDFs of chord shapes, chord charts, and exercises.  This site is also the home for ALL
of Brian’s performance and teaching events.

featured news

Oberlin starts an instrument repair shop in Grand Rapids, MI

All stringed instruments, especially entry level, require initial and routine maintenance and a “set-up” to be playable. What is a “set-up”?  This entails the important factors of: ensuring the strings are the correct height or distance from the fingerboard (also called action); the nut and saddle/bridge are properly set-up (these are the important components that allow the string to vibrate cleanly);  the neck angle is correct (mostly adjustable with the truss rod); the intonation on movable bridges is set accurately (correct intonation means the instrument produces an accurate pitch when fretting a note);  and a new set of strings and an instrument polish (this feels, sounds and smells as good as a new pair of socks).  The aforementioned is a service I provide called a Refinement and is essential for any musician, regardless of talent, technique and tenure.  I suggest this service for every instrument on the planet at least once every year!!

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