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Created by professional mandolinist Brian Oberlin, this site is a wealth of knowledge
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Carlo Aonzo & Brian Oberlin Single

It's been one year sonce tis gem was released!!!! This is a piece I wrote for Carlo a few years back and we finally made it the studio in November, 2017 while he was touring through Michigan. This is only available as a download and can be purchased on ITUNES, CD BABY and AMAZON. It can be found on the standard streaming platforms as well. Search for this..... Mantello e Cilindro, Brian Oberlin and Carlo Aonzo - A sinister suite for two mandolins.
"Mantello e Cilindro" is Italian for "Cloak and Top Hat". The sheet music has been published in Germany and can be purchased at the Trekel Music Shop.

Here is what our good friend Don Stiernberg had to say about the recording...

What happens when two masterful mandolin playing musicians meet on the mandolin trail and find inspiration in each other's playing? In this instance Portland/Grand Rapids' Brian Oberlin, he of the swing, the bluegrass, the songwriting and mandolin orchestra directing, meets Carlo Aonzo of Savona, Italy, reigning king of Italian classical mandolin and also all-purpose stylist, leader, and educator. As they say in the movies "wackiness ensues", but more accurately it's a collaboration. Brian throws himself headlong into learning Italian classical style, the two teach at one another's camps, start playing shows and tours amalgamating their respective styles. Mantello e Cilindro is a product of that spirited and inspired collaboration, a tour de force displaying the best of their individual virtuosity as well as a blend so focused you may have trouble telling one from the other. Bravo, Maestri! - Don Steirnberg - January, 2018

Buy here at CD Baby